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Bruce Buchanan
Bruce Buchanan
Dance August 30
52 x 85 cm

Bruce Buchanan was born in Brisbane in 1943. He studied art at the Central Technical College and graduated as an architect in 1966. During his undergraduate years he continued his skill with with watercolour painting - mainly through the demand for traditional watercolour drawings in the course of normal professional practice.

His immediate post-graduate years were spent working as an architect in London, during which time he painted part time while travelling throughout England and Europe. These were generally small watercolour sketches done on location while travelling.

Returning to Australia, Bruce opened his own architectural practice in Ipswich, specialising in heritage conservation and institutional work. His practice won numerous national and state architectural awards given by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.

He continues to work as an architect, but over the last 7 yeas has become established as a watercolour painter. His primary interest is in realist painting, with an emphasis on natural and urban landscapes.

When not travelling, Bruce works from his studio in the Brisbane Valley, west of Brisbane.