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Philip Bacon Galleries is the largest and most prestigious art gallery in Brisbane. Always available for sale is a wide selection of nineteenth century and contemporary Australian paintings, sculpture and fine jewellery.


Philip Bacon Galleries was established in 1974. The art gallery soon established itself as Brisbane’s leading commercial gallery and attracted critical attention and clients and artists from around the nation.

Artists & Stockroom

Artists represented and featured in the Philip Bacon Galleries stockroom include:

Ken Johnson

Michael Johnson

Abbey Alston

Adrian Lawlor

Albert Sherman

Alison Rehfisch

Anne Wallace

Brian Malt

Celia Perceval

Clem Millward
Constance Tempe Manning

Daphne Mayo

Dorrit Black
Duncan McGregor Whyte

E. Phillips Fox

Elisabeth Kruger

Ethel Carrick Fox
F. W. Potts

Fred Jessup

George Baldessin

George Peacock

Gloria Tamerre Petyarre

Godfrey Miller

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

J. S. Watkins

Jenny Kitchener

Joy Hester
Joy Roggenkamp

Julian Ashton

Leslie Wilkie
Lin Onus

Margaret Preston

Mary Edwards

Moya Dyring

Patricia Prentice

Percy Leason
Piet Noest

Rex Battarbee

Sali Herman
Sam Atyeo

Violet Teague
W. G. Grant

William Dargie

Current Exhibition

Tim Storrier
28 August to 22 September

Exhibition Calendar

2011 calendar of exhibitions at Philip Bacon Galleries


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